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    Light Lifting Vent for Fluval Evo 13.5G 52L

    *Does NOT include Fluval A14700 LED Lamp*
    Some assembly required. For use in the Fluval Evo 13.5G(52L) aquarium. This kit includes 6 pieces. It is intended for aquariums that are overheating , have insufficient airflow, or just want to look way better. An elegant alternative to those hideous lift kits. This kit was designed to look like a natural part of the aquarium, create an exciting lighting pattern, having excellent surface finishes and more than anything finally allow sufficient air circulation for your Evo 13.5 aquarium.
    Please watch the video in the listing to clarify the assembly process (Forgive the speed, had to fit into 15 seconds) while reading the description below.
    Assemble as follows:
    -Remove Evo LED Lamp from aquarium lid. Ensure the wire is correctly routed through its hole.
    -Install thicker end walls on either end of the lid opening. *Pieces are not symmetrical* They must be on the proper side facing in the proper direction.
    Ensure end wall with wire trench is on wire end of lid with trench facing out.
    -Hold sidewalls together by center tongue and groove joint.
    -While holding at center, drop sidewalls into their respective slots in the end walls; flat faces out.
    -Side walls once installed will bow inward. Note the locking profile along the top of the inside walls.
    -To install LED Lamp into the light venting kit carefully route the wire as you proceed. It is best to be careful not to twist the wire and to carefully route through the kit's wire trench. Holding your lamp above the lid, center it along the length of the kit. Insert one long side of the lamp into the side wall's locking mechanism. Then gently press the other side into the opposite side wall lock. Do not use force. It may be necessary to pull slightly on the top of the sidewall from its center to allow the lamp to drop into the lock. Use a small screwdriver if necessary.
    -Lamp will lock securely into the vent kit and your installation is complete. Enjoy!

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