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    Fluval Flex 9 Gallon (34L) Media Basket 4-Stage Filtration System

    This is the best media basket system available for the Fluval Flex 9 Gallon aquarium. Other after market filtration systems simply stack the filter layers, ignoring the alignment of the two intake slots and allowing the water flowing through your tank to bypass most of the filtration layers. This side stacked filter system diverts the water from both intakes ensuring that all of the water passes through each stage of filtration that you add.
    *Does not come with filter media*
    Media basket is five pieces. Bottom spacer, Top piece with filtration chamber, and three removable divider plates allowing up to 4 stages of filtration.
    First drop the large bottom spacer piece into your overflow chamber, careful to drop it in the correct orientation. Next load your top piece with the removable divider plates, stock with filter media of your choice, and drop the loaded top piece into your overflow chamber making sure that the tabs from the top piece push into the grooves of the bottom spacer.
    No filtration system will keep your tank cleaner!

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